Agribot Edge

The Agribot Edge is designed to receive images which will be passed through our AI model. When the AI detects an unhealthy crop/item, it will send a message highlighting that there is an issue which will trigger an action based on the application.


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Crop Health status

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Use Cases 

QA Conveyor belts

The Agribot Edge box can be integrated as part of a quality assurance process. Cameras can be placed on conveyor belts and the images are passed to the Agribot Edge, where it will highlight if there’s any unhealthy products. Messages can then be sent to humans, which is when they would double check the status of any unhealthy crops.
Image of Potatos

Crop Sprayers

The ‘spray incase’ approach is costing farmers a great deal. Integrating and mounting the Agribot box to sprayers will allow sprayers to only spray when it comes across an unhealthy crop.

Similar to the conveyor belt use case, cameras will be attached to the sprayers boom and the images are sent to the Agribot Edge where a health status is sent to the sprayer. If the Agribot Edge marks something as unhealthy, a message to start spraying is sent to the sprayer.


Not sure if the Agribot Edge is for you?

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