Agribot Platform

The Agribot Platform provides farmers with an understanding of crop health and empowers them to make treatment decisions that are environmentally as well as economically advantageous - and it can all be managed directly from a smartphone.

Easy to use

Disease diagnosis using AI

Crop Health status

Soil Stress detection

Monthly Subscription

Localised Weather

No setup costs

New crops added regularly 


Stress Detection

Satellite data is used to detect crop stress. Farmers are alerted to issues and provided with coordinates for the affected area via a smartphone.

Crop health, disease and pest diagnosis

How does it work? Well a farmer takes a picture of the crops where stress has been detected. The photo is then analysed by our AI model to determine health status with 99.98% accuracy. Agribot will also provide a diagnosis for unhealthy crops including pest infestations.
Image of Potatos

Quick and Easy to add more crops

We can add new crops to our system using around 100 new images. Other solutions normally require thousands of images.
Photo by Gábor Veres


Agribot believes that precision agriculture should be accessible to all growers regardless of the size of their holdings. The Agribot Platform is charged on a per hectare basis which only kicks in after 25 hectares. This means that even the smallest holdings can benefit from our technology.
Farmer planting - Photo by Jed Owen

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