The Problem

Leaving fertile soil to remain bare and increased tillage is having a huge environmental and economic impact that will be felt for many years. We need to fix that together.

Causing harm 

Managing our soils is one of the easier conservation methods available to us. Leaving soils bare for a prolonged time is kick-starting soil erosion, releases co2 and dries out what was originally future soil, turning it into uninhabitable soil.

Fertile soil lost

An estimated 24 billion tonnes of fertile topsoil are lost every year, and 25% of the earth’s surface has already become degraded. This could feed 1.5 billion people.

Inefficient Farming Techniques

Current grazing techniques are costing farmers a lot of time whilst also hitting their profit margins which means farmers require more cows to fulfil their contracts. 
Picture of sheep in a field taken by Andreas Felske

Historic Data

Regularly updated

Not impacted by cloud coverage

Measure Vegitation growth

Our solution

Allowing organic matter to grow on what would have been bare soil has many benefits. For example, if a farmer grows grass on what would’ve been bare, it can help provide a cheaper source of food for livestock whilst containing all the nutrients and water in the soil.

It’s with that in mind that we built our soil coverage product to help farmers understand their overall grass coverage which will help farmers increase their revenue by up to £300 per hectare a year from as little as £12 per hectare. 

Satellite data & coverage model 

Using sentinel satellite data, we’re able to collect imagery for every field around the world and measure the amount of coverage,  vegetation growth and highlight specific areas of the fields where growth is limited.

Improves Margins

Our solution allows farmers to  understand their grazing fields so that it reduces the amount of time they spend measuring their field but also increase the amount of dry matter that cows can consume which can help them improve their yield by ~20%. 

Accurate AI Models

We use a number of in-house trained AI models to help our customers measure the current and future growth of their fields. 

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